Cosmetological Acne Therapy


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Our care and therapies are charged per session.

Our care and therapies are 5 sessions and are charged at $ 500. Our analysis is charged at $ 99.

Acne is an inflammation of the hair follicle and sebaceous glands. Sometimes it is caused by hormonal factors and sometimes due to increased sebum (oil) secretion. Not all acne breakouts are the same. In medical language, acne is called acne. However, there are types of acne, small red acne is called 'papule', inflamed and swollen ones are called 'pustules', and those with both fullness and hard back are called 'cystic acne'. Acne is not just a problem seen in adolescence. It can also be seen in young children and people in their 30-40s.

Acne care begins with the determination of the acne type, and the correct care is determined according to the cosmetological analysis of the person. The skin is deeply cleaned and the pores are tightened. Acne formation is prevented and the existing acne is cleaned without scarring or stain, thanks to the care. A smooth skin appearance is provided. Specially prepared product cures are provided under the skin with the warnings of special devices. Each stage is different, each stage is scientific, and each stage is a natural application.