Cosmetological Cellulite Therapy


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Our care and therapies are charged per session.

Our care and therapies are 5 sessions and are charged at $ 500. Our analysis is charged at $ 99.

Cellulite is an inflammatory condition that occurs under the skin, connective tissue inflammation. In medical terms, every word ending with cellulite, i.e. it, is a harbinger of an inflammatory infection. This appearance, with large and small holes, resembles an orange peel, has a shape. The reason it is mostly seen in women is hormones, estrogen production is a trigger factor, but do not think that men cannot have it. Changes are observed in the body skin after the age of 30 in women. With scientific body analysis, the inflamed areas are determined and the substances to be used are determined thanks to the cosmetology identity.

With scientific body analysis you can know which anti-cellulite cream is suitable for your skin, which natural blood circulation stimulating body care method is suitable for your body. In cosmetology, whether it is vitamin C, algae-based minerals, ivy extracts, essential oils such as orange, tangerine, vetiver, resveratrol, borage, horse chestnut, Our scientific analysis system lets us determine which active ingredient is suitable for you.