Cosmetological Rosacea Therapy


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Our care and therapies are charged per session.

Our care and therapies are 5 sessions and are charged at $ 500. Our analysis is charged at $ 99.

It is a skin disease such as the nose, chin, forehead and cheeks, which starts with flushing and burning attacks, and then causes permanent redness, increase in capillaries, edema and tissue growth in the skin.

In order to prevent seasonal attacks in Rosacea, it is very important to use the correct product and make the correct application.

In order to make a suitable product and application recommendation for you, measurements should be made with cosmetological analysis. It can be measured in oxidative stress. Active and active materials suitable for you are determined as a result of the measurements. In the application, the skin is completely free of dead skin, special light therapies are applied to soothe the redness, the active and active substances that the person needs are reduced under the skin with various frequency devices. Personally prepared home type products are very important in terms of continuity of post-application care.