Nasa Thermal Therapy


Please make an appointment for care and therapies. +1 805-978-5788

Our Care Center
Seda Custom Skincare Product
1125 Coast Village Road Montecito, California

Our care and therapies are charged per session.

Our care and therapies are 5 sessions and are charged at $ 500. Our analysis is charged at $ 99.

Your cosmetological analysis is done, the results are added to the practice ritual after this therapy is applied.

Thermal effect is provided with special heat-emitting materials and infrared light with light emitting diodes is FDA AND NASA APPROVED and used in facial rejuvenation. It is effective in feeding the substances to the skin, it provides the absorption of substances to the skin with high-power consistent wavelengths without damaging the skin with probes designed to stimulate collagen in the lower layer of the skin.